Preschool Learning Ideas

Our oldest is three and I have started some structured learning time with him every morning. It doesn’t last long every day, probably only 30 minutes, but I do try to do these things every morning (other than on the weekend) unless we have an early appointment.

Preschool workbook with toddler appropriate pencilsThis is the workbook we got our son. I really like how it is setup because it starts out with tracing paths which teaches your child how to hold a pencil and how to draw lines. And then it gradually gets more and more advanced as you progress. These are the pencils that we got for him. The triangular grip and shorter length makes it easier for him to hold and learn proper pencil grip. He gets so excited every morning to do a couple pages from his workbook. It’s his favorite part of school.

Preschool Learning Library – This amazing resource consists of puzzle pieces of three different sets (alphabet, numbers, and colors). We started out with colors, but since our son already has colors down pretty well we have since moved onto the number puzzle pieces. I pick out the sets I want to work on with him (we are currently doing 1-7). Then I scramble the pieces together and tell my son to find a specific number. The number sets have one side that shows the numeral and the other side has a picture of objects of the specific number that matches. Once my son finds the correct pieces and puts them together, we count the number of objects together. It is helpful that each number and its corresponding objects are the same color, so if my son is having trouble I tell him the color that the number and objects are to help narrow it down. The preschool learning library must not be sold in a set of three sets anymore. I managed to find it on Ebay though. Click here if you’re interested in the full set. Or you can buy the sets separately on Amazon. This is the colors set. Click here for the numbers set. This is the alphabet set.

Learning Songs – We have some songs that we sing next. We sing the days of the week and then I tell my son what day of the week it is and what we have planned for that day, whether that is a playdate, going to the park/library, or doing a cooking project. Next we sing the ABC song. And last we sing two songs that my aunt made up for our address/phone number that I customized with our son’s name and our address and phone number.

Memory Verses – We are currently on our sixth verse and are memorizing them in NIV. I try to choose a short verse that can also be used as a reminder during the day if my son is struggling with being kind, whining, disobeying, etc. The verses we have memorized so far are Matthew 22:37, Matthew 7:12, Ephesians 4:32, 1 Corinthians 10:31, Ephesians 6:1 and Philippians 2:14. I will say the reference which he is supposed to repeat and then a few words of the verse at a time and he repeats after me as we go.

Read aloud time – I read a couple Bible stories from our children’s Bible. This is the one we have. And then our son gets to pick out 2-5 books for me to read to him, depending on the amount of time we have. He loves picking out some of his library books. Visit this post to find out some of our favorite kids’ books!

In addition to the more structured preschool learning that we do, we also try to do a lot of outdoor play, crafts, cooking projects, etc. I am trying to make his learning fun and well-rounded with a mixture of hands-on activities and actual workbook/reading time.


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