Our Favorite Date Nights

Dinner out – We are both easygoing so it can be hard sometimes to choose a restaurant. Usually one of us will list 2 or 3 restaurants that sound good and then the other one actually chooses. We enjoy eating out together especially if we can get a booth or eat at a less busy time. We find it hard to converse and connect when it is too noisy or crowded.

Dessert somewhere else – If we are not too full, we sometimes like to get ice cream at a different place after finishing dinner.

Go on a hike – I love walking. Not only is it good exercise and great to be outside in the fresh air, but usually conversation comes naturally with a walk.

Time on the lake – Before kids we had a ski boat and our favorite date nights during that time were taking the boat out on the nearby lake for a few hours in the evening or on the weekend. We are planning to get another boat again after the kids are a little older.

Browsing Hobby Lobby – If we go out to dinner and there’s a Hobby Lobby nearby, we often will go walk around. Okay maybe this is more for me, but my husband humors me, and we walk up and down the aisles.

Going on drives – Since having kids, this is a big “date night” for us. When we don’t have someone available to watch our kids, we often will load the kids up and go on a drive. We bring things to keep the kids occupied and it gives us some time to talk while the kids are corralled. We like to either drive around on country roads and try to get lost or drive through neighborhoods and dream about the nicer houses or get ideas for landscaping, etc.

Escape room – We’ve only done an escape room once, but it was one of my favorite dates so far! If you haven’t done an escape room before, you are locked in a room with your partner/team and you have to solve puzzles and complete challenges to escape before the time runs out. I love strategy and mind games so this is right up my alley.

Board games – These are perfect for at home date nights. Some of our favorite two player games are Rummikub, Sequence, Othello, Blokus, and Stratego. There are so many other awesome two player board games and even card games to choose from, so try a few out until you find one you both like!

Home improvements together – This isn’t your typical date, but we love doing projects together. We have tiled bathrooms together, painted many rooms, redone landscaping, etc.

Tough Mudder – A tough mudder is a great teamwork exercise. Usually it is a 5K or 10K run with obstacles spread throughout. Some of the different obstacles we completed were climbing multiple walls, running through a mud pit, swimming under barrels, etc. It involved lots of mud but was so much fun! I would love to do another one in the future, maybe even as a family when the kids are older.

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  1. […] Make time for regular date nights. If you have family nearby who are able to watch your kids, try to set up date nights at least twice a month if not every week. If this is not an option for you, you could hire a babysitter. Ask your local mom friends for babysitter recommendations or visit care.com to find sitters in your area. Care.com allows you to see local babysitters. The sitters’ profiles even include reviews and a background check to have a better idea if the sitter will be a good fit for your family. You can then set up an interview to ask any questions you have in mind, get references, and see how they interact with your kids. I used care.com after highschool for several years to get nannying/babysitting jobs and had pretty good success. Another option is to find a friend who is also wanting to make date nights more regular and swap nights with them–one night they watch your kids while you and your husband go on a date and then another night you watch their kids so they can go on a date. I share some of our all time favorite dates in this post. […]


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