Fun Fall Activities to do as a Family

I can’t believe it is already the first day of fall! In celebration of that fact, I compiled a list of fun fall activities to do as a family. As our kids are getting older, I am trying to be more intentional about finding fun crafts and activities for certain seasons. These ideas are great for kids of any age!

  1. Make caramel apples – There are so many fun ways to do this. You can either make the traditional full caramel apples. And dip them in a variety of toppings such as nuts, chocolate chips, mini marshmallows, m&m’s, crushed Oreos, crushed pretzels, chocolate drizzle, etc. Or you can dip slices of apples in caramel and other toppings. See this Pinterest post for inspiration. Or you can make mini caramel apples by using a melon baller to scoop out the “mini apples”. Visit this Pinterest post for how to make these.
  2. Make pumpkin bread/muffins – Visit this post for our favorite pumpkin bread recipe! The kids love a good cooking project, so why not make some seasonal ones?
  3. Go to a pumpkin patch – Kids love pumpkin patches, and they are great for fun family pictures! Let your kids pick out their favorite pumpkin to bring home. Bonus: you can use the pumpkins you score for front porch decorations or a fun family craft!
  4. Find a corn maze – This is fun not only for the kids but also for the parents. I love a good maze! Let it become a family teamwork exercise and work together to find the way out!
  5. Dress up in costumes and go trick or treating or attend a fall harvest party – We have made the decision as a family to not go trick or treating. Instead, we like to participate in our church’s fall harvest party. Every fall harvest party is different but most have a combination of candy, face painting, bounce houses, snacks, games, and so much more!
  6. Jump in a leaf pile – I have so many fond memories of jumping into leaf piles with my siblings. At our childhood home, there was a hill in the front yard. We would build a leaf pile at the bottom of the hill and then ride our bikes down the hill into the pile. We haven’t done a leaf pile yet with our daughter but our son loves sitting in leaf piles and throwing the leaves around!
  7. Thanksgiving thankfulness journal – My husband and I started this on our honeymoon since our anniversary is the week before Thanksgiving. We have an orange journal that we write down a list of things we are thankful for every Thanksgiving. It is fun to read back on our answers from past years. As the kids get older, we will start including them in this tradition.
  8. Bobbing for apples – Kids always get a kick out of this activity. You probably won’t want to reuse the apples afterwards, but it’s fun for any children involved!
  9. Go on a hayride – My son is obsessed with all vehicles/machinery so getting to ride behind a tractor is super exciting!
  10. Make an apple pie – Our kids love apple pie for dessert, but it’s extra special when it’s one we made together!
  11. Fall crafts – My kids love doing crafts, and I am trying to do more seasonally appropriate ones. Pinterest is a great place to find ideas! Visit this post for some ideas of crafts to do with kids, especially toddlers.
  12. Decorate for fall as a family – I love hanging a fall themed wreath on the front door along with scattering real/fake pumpkins throughout the house. I also love adding a dough bowl as a centerpiece with candles, pumpkins, and a fall garland to spice up the dining room.
  13. Go apple picking – Our kids love picking apples with us, especially if they are able to reach any of the lower branches to pick them on their own. They also love helping turn some of the apples into fresh applesauce!
  14. Read fall themed books together – My son loves being read to, so I try to find books that correlate with the season/holiday. In this post, I share some popular fall themed toddler books.
  15. Campfires – Roasting hot-dogs for dinner or marshmallows for s’mores over a fire is a great experience for the whole family!
  16. Fondue night – You can do a variety of combinations for a fondue night. You can do a dessert themed one with melted chocolate and dip strawberries, marshmallows, pretzels, bananas, pieces of cake, apples, etc. Or you can make a cheese fondue and dip pieces of French bread, vegetables, chips, shrimp, etc.
  17. Make a lot of soups – I love a good soup for lunch, especially once summer ends. Even though I live in the south and it can still take awhile to cool down after summer ends, I’m still ready for soup once fall is here! This is another good way to get your kids involved in cooking projects. In this post, I share some of my favorite soup recipes.

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