Easter/Spring Crafts

As I have mentioned previously, I am trying my best to do crafts that match the season/holiday. Pinterest always has a lot of great ideas and is where I get most of my inspiration. Here are some of our favorite crafts below:

Bunny handprint craft The kids did this one at the library the other day. This craft only uses paper, markers and scissors so you should already have all the materials on hand!

Yarn wrapped carrot craft – Not only will kids enjoy making this cute craft but yarn wrapping is a great activity to encourage fine motor skill development.

Foam Easter egg craft – You can purchase this craft kit on Amazon and all the supplies are already ready to go which is a plus if you don’t have time to prep the craft for your kids.

Yarn wrapped rainbow craft – This one was another craft that the kids did at the library which was great for me because the librarians already had each color of yarn already cut to the right length and all the supplies were ready to go.

Dyed Easter eggs – Can’t forget the most classic Easter craft. If you don’t want to buy a kit, you can do it at home with just food coloring, vinegar, and eggs of course. Visit this link for step by step instructions on how to dye your eggs at home.

Paper bunny craft – This is another simple craft with minimal supplies that you will probably already have on hand.

Paper plate butterfly craft – There’s not much prep to this craft and your kids will love it because it involves paint. And if you want to reduce the mess, have them color the wings and toilet paper roll with markers or crayons instead!

Ladybug stone craft – I remember doing these crafts growing up! My grandma still has some of the ladybug stones I painted as a child so this will be a fun craft not only for the kids but also a bit nostalgic for me.

Bubble wrap spring blossom tree – This craft is so cute! A easy variation is to let your kids decorate it with q-tips instead. This will make it take longer if you are wanting to draw out craft time a bit.

Spring chicks egg carton craft – This is another great classic spring craft that I remember doing growing up! With minimal supplies, it’s an easy craft for us moms to prep and kids will love making these cute chicks!


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