Easter Egg Filler Ideas

We started doing Easter egg hunts with the kids last year and I plan to do it every year with them. We tend to have a family get together on Easter Sunday so I may not always do it on Easter. I think last year I did it the day before. Last year I just did candy but this year I am trying to do some non candy eggs along with some healthier candy options. Here are some ideas I have for not only this year but the coming years.

I bought this set of Easter eggs from Walmart but Amazon also sells bulk packs if your local Walmart doesn’t have them in stock.

  1. Mini bubbles – What kid doesn’t love bubbles? Bonus these Easter eggs are already filled with mini bubble containers!
  2. Gummies – This was one of my healthier candy ideas for this year. We get these gummies with organic ingredients and without artificial sweeteners and dyes! They are sweetened with real fruit juice and my kids love them.
  3. M&M’s – You could always get the name brand M&M’s for this idea. I opted for these healthier chocolate candies from Azure. Target also has a great healthy option for chocolate candies from the Unreal brand.
  4. Money – You could do coins or even dollar bills for this one. We are opting to stick with dollar bills for this year as we have a two year old and three year old but as they get older I will probably do some assortment of coins in some of them.
  5. Folded coloring pages – I am going to print out some coloring pages for them from this website and fold them up to add to a few eggs.
  6. Legos/duplos – This is an idea I have for a future egg hunt. Get a new lego/duplo set for your kids and put a few pieces in each egg so that they get a completed set by the end of the hunt.
  7. Small carsThese pullback cars fit great in Easter eggs and would be a hit with any transportation loving boy!
  8. Bows/hairclips – Any hair accessories would be a great addition for your girly girls. These are our favorite bows.
  9. Slime – Make some homemade slime and add some to an Easter egg or two! What kid doesn’t love slime? Click here for a basic slime recipe.
  10. Temporary tattoos – I loved temporary tattoos growing up! They would make a great addition to Easter eggs! These tattoos from Amazon come in a variety of styles and are glow in the dark.
  11. Bouncy balls – This is a great idea for slightly older kids who won’t try to put them in their mouths. Here’s a bulk pack from Amazon.
  12. Punch balloons – I found this pack of punch balloons at Walmart and am including them in our Easter eggs this year.
  13. MarblesThese marbles would definitely be a hit. Again, just make sure your kids are old enough as they are a choking hazard!
  14. Pieces to a puzzle – Get a puzzle for your kids and add a few pieces to several Easter eggs. They have to find all the Easter eggs to be able to finish the puzzle!
  15. Grow capsules – Kids love to watch these foam figures expand in water! This set on Amazon comes with a huge selection from animals to vehicles to dinosaurs–there will be something for every kid!
  16. Mini dinosaurs – I’m pretty sure every little boy goes through a dinosaur loving phase at some point. My son is currently in one! This set of mini dinosaurs would be perfect for an Easter egg hunt!
  17. Mini animals – Snag a pack of mini animal figures on Amazon to include in your Easter eggs. Click here for a set of farm animals, here for a set of sea creatures, and here for a set of wild animals.
  18. Mini stampers – Since I don’t trust our two year old with these yet, this was not an option for us this year. But definitely an idea for when the kids get older. You can find mini stampers on Amazon or at your local Walmart.
  19. Regular balloons – My kids love balloons. After birthdays or parties they play with balloons for weeks until they either pop or deflate. Add a couple non inflated balloons to an Easter egg for a fun and cheap surprise.
  20. Slap bracelets – Kids are fascinated with these and they make a great addition to Easter eggs! Click here for some dinosaur ones and here for a set of unicorn ones!

One response to “Easter Egg Filler Ideas”

  1. This is a great list of ideas for Easter egg fillers! I especially love the suggestion of adding puzzle pieces to each egg so that the kids have to find them all to complete the puzzle. Have you ever done this before and if so, how did it go? This is a great comment! The puzzle pieces idea is definitely a fun one and we’ve done it before with our kids. It adds an extra level of excitement and challenge to the egg hunt! The only thing to keep in mind is to make sure the puzzle pieces are spread out enough so that they are not all in one area, making it too easy to find them all at once. Thanks for asking!

    yoy e.


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