Toddler Approved Healthy Snacks

My kids love snacks. They usually have an afternoon snack every day as well as a snack before bed. And if we’re going to be out for long I always make sure to bring a snack as well. Since they are having so many snacks throughout the day, I have made it my goal to have healthy options for them.

  1. Pretzels – We like these Simple truth pretzel sticks. I especially like the ingredients.
  2. Annie’s cheddar bunnies – We get these as a healthier alternative to goldfish. They don’t have any artificial flavors or dyes!
  3. Mini rice cakes – With only four ingredients, these are a great healthy choice for snacks! We like to occasionally add some peanut butter to ours for a treat.
  4. Fig bars – These whole wheat snack bars are very filling and are free of artificial flavors and high fructose corn syrup! This same brand also makes blueberry and raspberry flavored fig bars. My kids love all three flavors!
  5. Belvita bars – These snack bars are free of artificial sweeteners and preservatives. This brand has many flavors to choose from but our personal favorite is the cinnamon brown sugar flavor. I usually get a bulk pack of these at Sam’s club but you can find packs at most grocery stores.
  6. Kind breakfast bars – Kind makes a variety of granola and breakfast bars but our favorite is the peanut butter breakfast bars. Not only are these free of any artificial ingredients but they are packed full of 5 supergrains: oats, buckwheat, millet, amaranth and quinoa.
  7. Raisins and nuts – I usually don’t buy trail mix but will have raisins and a few different nuts on hand to throw together a mix of our own. I also will occasionally add dark chocolate chips!
  8. Veggie straws – These are one of my kids’ favorite snacks and they are easy to bring on outings as well! They are free of artificial preservatives and flavors and are packed full of real veggies!
  9. Off the Eaten path Chickpea crisps – Since we rarely get potato chips, our kids think that these crisps are chips. They are made with real vegetables and are free of artificial preservatives and flavors.
  10. Cheese and crackers – We get these crackers. They are similar to Ritz crackers but without the high fructose corn syrup. We also enjoy this garlic and herb flavor from the same brand. The kids’ two favorite cheeses to have with crackers are cheddar and Colby Jack.
  11. Mozzarella string cheese – Need I say more? Most kids will love this quick and easy snack!
  12. Fruit – My kids especially love eating a whole apple, but I also usually try to have some bananas, clementines and berries on hand for snack choices.
  13. Applesauce pouches – I always make sure to leave a couple applesauce pouches in the diaper bag for easy snacks on the go. I buy mine bulk at Sam’s club but you can find them at any grocery store.

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