Quiet Time Activities

We recently started quiet time with our son. He is almost four and only recently stopped napping. Since we have a newborn, I really need the downtime that naptimes provided. For about an hour and a half, he plays quietly in his room while his sisters nap. Visit this post on how we went about implementing quiet time. I have these 12 quart clear bins with different toys/activities that I rotate through to keep him entertained. The toys in these bins are only used during quiet time so they stay fun and exciting.

  1. Legos – Legos are great for fostering creativity, problem solving skills and even motor skills! Bonus that other than the initial dumping out of the legos, this is a very quiet activity! We have this basic starter set that comes with a ton of different colors and sized legos.
  2. Megabloks – Megablocks are basically huge legos which are great for younger ages to still foster imagination and creativity without having to worry about them swallowing a lego. We have this set that comes with 80 pieces.
  3. Duplos – These are another “lego-like” building block. They fall in between legos and megabloks as far as size. We have this box of duplos along with this dinosaur set and this firetruck set.
  4. Bristle blocks – These blocks have interlocking bristles. They are great for fostering creativity and improving hand eye coordination. We have this set.
  5. Magnatiles – These are another great activity to foster creativity and motor skills along with learning about geometrical shapes. We have the knock off of this brand: Picasso tiles.
  6. Buddha boardThis inkless drawing board is a great option for no mess coloring/drawing.
  7. Etch-a-sketch – Another great option for mess free “drawing.” Click here to shop for this classic toy.
  8. Water wow booksThese coloring books by Melissa and Doug are not only mess free but also reusable!
  9. Stickers – Our kids love stickers. Here are some great vehicle ones for boys and some cute heart and butterfly stickers for girls. And some animal stickers for any of your animal loving kids.
  10. Coloring book with washable crayons – Make sure to use washable crayons just in case your kid colors anywhere else. The kids love this Bible coloring book. You can find coloring books matching just about any interest whether that is a favorite tv show, Disney princesses, animals, superheroes, and so much more! I often will even just print of a coloring page or two online. You can find so many free printable coloring pages of any category!
  11. Lincoln logs – I remember growing up with these. We have this set and our son loves building houses and cities with them.
  12. Dolls for girls – Our daughters still nap but our middle child loves her dolls so I can see her wanting to have her baby dolls and accessories in her room when she transitions to quiet time.
  13. Trucks and cars for boys – Our son loves to bring a few cars into his room. If he has any sort of blocks, he loves to build garages to drive his toy cars into.
  14. Picture books – Our son usually picks a few books to bring into his room along with whatever quiet time box he chooses.

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